Math = Love: Five Years: Where has the time gone?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Five Years: Where has the time gone?

When I graduated from college and received my teaching certificate, I thought that a five year certificate was a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg time.  Well, it turns out that five years can go by in a flash!  We still have one month of school left, but I just submitted the paperwork to renew my certificate so it will be good until 2022.  Part of me thinks that that sounds so far away, but I know it will probably fly by just as fast.

I spent quite a bit of time last semester and early this semester studying for the chemistry certification test.  I found out about a month ago that I passed!  This wasn't official until I filled out the paperwork today to add it to my certificate.  I'm planning a blog post soon to share my method for studying for the chemistry certification test.  I wanted to wait and make sure I passed the test before I shared!

Now it's official.  I'm certified by the state of Oklahoma to teach math and chemistry.

I wonder what the next five years will bring.  I know I never could have dreamed of all the amazing things that have happened during my first five years in the classroom.  Thanks to the #MTBoS for being there for the entire ride!


  1. Congrats on Five Years!
    Maybe you should try for National Board Certification during your next five years. It is definitely worth it!

    1. I want to work on this! I decided to take at least a year's break after finishing my master's degree. Hard to believe that was almost a year ago now!

  2. Congrats Sarah! I've been following your blog since the first year. You were a great teacher then, and have only improved. Keep being challenged, and keep re-inventing yourself!

  3. Congratulations. I recently added two new subjects to my teaching certificate. One was upper 6-12 math and the other was educational leadership. Both were tough on me, and a lot of study. So I'm glad you were able to succeed!