Math = Love: New Timers Thanks to a Generous Donor

Friday, April 7, 2017

New Timers Thanks to a Generous Donor

Earlier this semester, I had the opportunity to attend a Steve Spangler workshop at the Science Museum of Oklahoma.  During the workshop, one of the teachers stood up and told us that we should all make sure we joined a facebook group called "Oklahoma Education Needs/Donations."  I'd never heard of this group before, but I made a point of checking it out when I got home.  

If you're reading this from a state that is not Oklahoma, you might not realize the terrible state of education funding in the state. 

Check out this graphic: 


Oklahoma schools continue to have their funding from the state cut due to revenue failure after revenue failure.  The money for basic classroom needs just isn't there anymore.  

The goal of the facebook group is to connect teachers who need classroom materials with those who can help meet those needs.  

My Algebra 1 students are currently working through our unit on Data Analysis.  We have been using three MyChron timers (affiliate link) that I received for attending an OERB workshop

These timers have definitely been well-used this year in my Physical Science class.  But, three timers in a class of 20 or so students isn't enough.  

I decided to post my need of timers in the Facebook group and see what happened.  If my need wasn't fulfilled, I would be no worse off than before.  

A couple of days later, I got a message that a set of six timers had been purchased and would soon be delivered to my school.  They were kindly purchased for my classroom by a family friend of our science teacher.  

Six MyChron timers (affiliate link) arrived in the mail yesterday! 

And, we were able to put them all to use today with a data collection activity in Algebra 1.

We measured how long it took us to find different items in a Highlights Hidden Picture Puzzle.  Then, we made box-and-whisker plots of our data that we used to compare our hidden picture finding skills to those of our classmates.

I'll post more about this activity SOON!

I'm so thankful that there are so many generous people willing to step up and help my students when those funding the schools are failing them.

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