Math = Love: Reflecting On My First Classroom

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reflecting On My First Classroom

As I've been going through my draft folder, I find many posts that are easy to delete. Occasionally, though, I run across a post and wonder "Why didn't I ever finish that?!?"  This post is one of those.  I've now completed my first school year in our newly-designated 7th-12th grade building.  Here's a blog post I wrote but never published last summer. 

I'm not entirely sure what to blog about today.  I did some major decorating work in my classroom yesterday, but I left without taking pictures.  So, those will have to wait for another day.  I did take a few pictures of my old classroom.  I'm still teaching high school math next year, but I'll be doing so in a 7th-12th grade building instead of a 9th-12th grade building.  This means I'm leaving behind my first and only classroom.

Is my new classroom nicer?  Definitely.  It's bigger.  It's newer.  It has an entire wall of cabinets.  Of course, it's not right next to the copy machine/teacher's lounge/staff restroom.  But, I think I'll be able to cope with that this year.

But, this classroom, the place where I truly learned how to be a teacher, will always hold a special place in my heart.  My parents and sister came up last Friday night to take down my dry erase boards and bulletin boards and move them to my new classroom.

This leaves my old classroom looking much like it did when I first saw it.  Here's the blog post where I first shared pictures of my classroom so very long ago.  After spending hours painting and decorating this classroom to make it a bright, cheery place for students to learn, it's sad to see this place I love so much look so sad.

No more math will be learned here.

Good bye, old friend.

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  1. Thank you do much for sharing these thoughts, ideas and impressions. I habe one question vor you, because there's one thing I dont understand...
    Isnt it a little bit t√ło much stuff for the students? It might distract your pupils... Whats do you think?