Math = Love: Impact of Interactive Notebooks

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Impact of Interactive Notebooks

Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my time by having students create interactive notebooks.  Then, I remember that my students say stuff like this:

I went and asked the counselor if I could get in Algebra 2 instead of Geometry because I miss having a notebook.  I keep asking my sister if I can look at her Algebra 2 notebook.  You guys made a little envelope  this year, and I really like it.  I still have my notebook.  Sometimes I just sit at home and look at my notebook.

This is from a couple of years ago seeing as I don't teach Algebra 2 anymore.  But, I hope my students today feel the same.


  1. I decided last week to make the plunge and go INB next year in sixth grade. Since we don't use our textbook, we need something to keep track of all our learning. =)

  2. I have thought about using INBs for the last few years. I just struggle with how to effectively implement them and keep everything up to date. Any suggestions you can give on how to implement and maintain them would be great!

    1. The students need to think they are important from day 1. I have them put EVERYTHING in there- starting with the all important bathroom pass. The kids know that they have to maintain it and the pass is taped in so if you lose your comp book, you lose your potty time. Also, I let them use them on unit tests, so they are very careful to not only take good notes, but keep them. Sarah has great foldables and examples- read her whole blog. Also go to Katrina Newell's blog- she teaches some sped and has awesome ideas and foldables for free.
      I hope you do the INB- it gets easier every year.

  3. I bet they do! I have students who now use theirs in their college math classes! They are such a gift!

  4. After being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years I went back to teaching this past year and used INB's in my classes. One day I overheard one of my 8th grade Algebra 1 students telling another, "These are going to be so helpful next year." SCORE! I also allowed my students the choice of keeping their notebooks with them or leaving them in my class. When it came time to review for the EOC my students were studying with another teacher in the building and came in droves to retrieve their notebooks to study with. Thank you so much for all your shares. I use a lot of them.

  5. I have been teaching for over 20 years and over the last couple of years I have used a few of your ideas but never went total "INB". This year, though, I will be teaching a small class of low performing students and I plan to use ALL your notebook page ideas with them. I have been downloading all of your free material and I am really excited! Thanks for letting us get them for free! I will let you know how it goes!

  6. I have not used INB's before but think that is a great idea to use this fall with my seniors. Taking notes is integral for college and this would be a great way to get those habits solidified.

  7. I started using INBs a few years ago and love them. Last year I introduced them to my Science classes too. I change things year to year, but I always get kids coming back that used their notebook in grade 9 as a reference. I like the bathroom pass idea... I wonder how that works. Love the blog.

  8. I remember one time a student vehemently denounced my INBs in front of the whole class. I started questioning everything. I moved up with that grade the next year and had him again. He told me that he actually really appreciated them now and they were actually really helpful!

    A lot of my stereo-typically organized students love it from the get-go, but the most unlikely students end up being the ones telling me later after my class that they miss them.

  9. I began doing interactive notebooking two years ago when I taught sixth grade. When I taught the same students again in eighth grade, two years later, a lot of them told me they still had their sixth grade notebook. That, for sure, let me know it is well worth it. Plus, it keeps students engaged in the note taking process.