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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Australian Adventures: Darwin

Now that I've been back from Australia for a few days, the jet lag is finally setting in. I had plans to post about first week of school ideas, but I can't seem to stay awake long enough to finish that post. So, I thought I'd share some photos of some of our Australian adventures instead.

These photos are from Darwin which is the capitol of the Northern Territory in Australia. Shaun's sister lives in Darwin, so we visited her for a week of our eight week stay. If you're not super familiar with your Australian geography, here's a map courtesy of Wikipedia. I'm definitely not in a place to judge because I've now spent 20 weeks in Australia, and I still get Queensland and New South Wales mixed up...

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We flew from Tulsa to Dallas (about an hour flight), from Dallas to Sydney (sixteen hour flight - it used to be the longest commercial flight in the world), and from Sydney to Adelaide (about a two hour flight). Shaun's family lives near the Victoria/South Australia border.

To get to Darwin, we took a four hour flight from Adelaide. This was one of the worst flights of my life. My advice: Don't take a four hour flight when you have just come down with the stomach bug. Thankfully, there was a wonderful doctor in Darwin who prescribed me some antibiotics that helped me feel well enough that I could spend our last day there doing touristy things.

Darwin Botanical Gardens - Darwin is in the tropics, so this was my first time in a true, tropical garden.

Walking Along The Wharf - Apparently we were supposed to watch out for "Driverless Buses." We never saw one, but it didn't keep us from becoming super curious. This article says that the bus is still only operating with a driver present.

Crazy Acres Mango Farm - I'm not the hugest fan of mangoes, but Shaun is. So, he enjoyed the homemade ice cream for the mango flavor. I enjoyed it because it was a cool treat.

Berry Springs Nature Park - Berry Springs is about 35 miles outside of Darwin, and it's a popular swimming hole for people in the area. The swimming hole is actually closed for part of the year each year due to the presence of crocodiles. Even though my sister-in-law ensured us that we would be safe from crocodiles at the time of year we were visiting, I was still a bit nervous. Thanks to my stomach bug, I didn't end up climbing in the water. I just dangled my legs over the edge.

More photos soon. I promise. After all, I can't keep pictures of baby wombats and videos of kangaroos eating almonds to myself.

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