Math = Love: SI Base Units Posters

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SI Base Units Posters

Another day. Another poster. I guess that must mean it's back to school time. I'm teaching chemistry for the first time this year, so I decided I need to up the number of science-y posters on my walls. Last year, I found out I was teaching physical science at the last minute, so I didn't really have the time to make any posters or the wall space to hang them.

I decided the perfect place to start was with the basic SI Units. I did some googling and found a really cool circular graphic on the website of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures.

Image Source:
I knew that I wanted this graphic to somehow be the center of my poster. I made mini-posters with each unit type, and I thought that I would arrange them like spokes. 

When my husband saw my poster arrangement, he suggested that I arrange them horizontally instead. 

I wasn't totally sold on the idea because I was still envisioning them as spokes on a wheel.  

However, when I got to school yesterday to hang up my new posters I realized that there really wasn't anywhere to hang a giant wheel of SI Units. So they did end up getting hung horizontally. :) 

Want the files for these posters? I've uploaded them here


  1. I'm not a science teacher, so I'm curious why the base unit for mass is kilogram instead of gram? I think this would be really helpful for students that tend to mix up the abbreviations!

    1. There's actually a bar of platinum alloy in a vault in Paris that determines how much a kilogram is.