Math = Love: Organizing 11 x 17 Dry Erase Activities

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Organizing 11 x 17 Dry Erase Activities

Over the past year or so, I've made quite a few activities for my classroom that use 11 x 17 card stock (affiliate links including links below!). Often, this card stock ends up getting placed in the amazingly useful 11 x 17 dry erase pockets  I purchased from Amazon. I've found that 9 x 12 dry erase pockets (which hold letter sized paper) is perfect for students working alone. When students are working in groups, they really need the extra space that 11 x 17 dry erase pockets provide.

Here are some examples:

Venn Diagrams

Periodic Table of Mistakes

Identifying Outliers

Can You Level the Towers?

Simplifying Radicals

Farkle Score Sheets

After I took these activities out of the dry erase pockets to make way for new activities, I wasn't sure exactly what to do with them. I couldn't just stick them in a file folder!

When I moved into my new classroom this summer, they ended up being stuck in a cabinet. Last week, I finally decided to do something about them.

I took a copy paper box from the office. It's the exact length needed for 11 x 17 paper!

Then, I used a binder clip to hold together multiple copies of the same activity. I stuck a post-it note to each bundle with the name and alphabetized them in my box. 

Hopefully it will be much easier to find them now when I want to reuse them!

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  1. I only have about 6 different activities in my dry-erase pockets so far so I printed each activity on a different color of cardstock and leave them all in the pockets. My kids re-arrange them according to what we are doing that day. I am hoping to build my library, so this file system should work well!