Math = Love: A Look Inside My Entire 2016-2017 Algebra 1 Interactive Notebook

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Look Inside My Entire 2016-2017 Algebra 1 Interactive Notebook

Last year was my first year teaching Algebra 1 under the new Oklahoma Academic Standards. Though it was my fifth year of teaching Algebra 1, I had to make quite a few changes due to the difference in standards. Amidst the craziness of adjusting to new standards, I never got around to blogging all of my interactive notebook pages from last year.

I did blog a few of my units. Here are links to the units (with full descriptions of each page):

Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Linear Inequalities
Absolute Value Graphs and Inequalities
Linear Graphs
Relations and Functions 

Yesterday, while my Algebra 1 students were taking a quiz over solving absolute value equations, I took out last year's notebook and took a photograph of every page.

I have uploaded photos of each notebook page from last year's Algebra 1 class here.

There are no explanations of the purpose of various pages. And there are no links to download the pages. Hopefully these will come later. But, I do think this photo album approach does something that my individual blog posts don't. It provides a "big picture" look at what my interactive notebooks end up looking like in the span of a year.

Now, I need to say that last year's interactive notebook is NOT perfect. I learned a lot teaching Oklahoma's new Algebra 1 standards last year, and I've already made quite a few changes this year. On top of that, I'm already making a list of MORE changes I want to make next year to make the course flow better and improve conceptual understanding.

I hope you enjoy this peek at what an entire Algebra 1 notebook looks like! Check it out here.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been using your materials, and this puts things into a little more perspective!

  2. This view really helped see your content flow from one topic to the next and I LOVE your implementation of the INB. This is my 3rd year on INBs and I’m a huge fan. THANK YOU for your willingness to share this and the time you put in, not only for YOUR students, but for other teachers as well.

    #mtbos #iTeachMath

    Mandy ��

  3. THANK YOU for doing this. I'm supposed to come up with my own scope and sequence and it's very helpful to see how others are doing it.

  4. I LOVE your stuff! It has really helped my ESE students learn and understand that concepts better. I was wondering if there was a file for the set theory (complements, unions, and intersections) foldable? I couldn't seem to find it.