Math = Love: Cookie Club

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cookie Club

In March, my husband and I were impressed by a post by Jo Morgan titled Papers Society. We loved the idea of getting students together outside of class to review. But, we couldn't implement the idea as shared because of two reasons. Oklahoma got rid of the yearly standardized test in math at the high school level. The only standardized our students will take during their high school years will be the ACT, a college entrance exam for non-US readers. Even when we did have a yearly standardized math test, the tests were not released each year. Thus, we don't have past exam papers available for students to study.

Still, we wanted to encourage students to stay after school for extra help. We always open our classrooms after school for students to stop by for tutoring, but we tend to get a student or two each afternoon. We decided if we designated a certain day of the week for tutoring and provided snacks that we might get a bigger turnout.

We toyed with a few different names before deciding between "Homework Club" and "Cookie Club." The former sounded a bit dreary, so we settled on Cookie Club.

Every Monday, my husband I join together in his classroom to offer homework help and give students a chance to retake quizzes if they need to. So, my Sunday routine now includes baking for Cookie Club.

As the weeks have passed on, the number of students showing up has grown. And, I've started stretching the snacks away from cookies only to desserts in general.

One week, I made lemon bars. This was a dessert staple in our house, so I was surprised to learn that many of my students had never had a lemon bar before. They declared them a winner! 

This week, I made chocolate covered peanut butter crackers and chocolate covered pretzels. We had even more kids than normal, so we also pulled out a package of store bought cookies.

So far, the cookie club experiment has been a success. We look forward to continuing to provide homework help and yummy snacks to our students.


  1. Do you have a SITE council? That will add up soon and you might be able to get some funding! You and Hubs are angels!