Math = Love: Epiphany: Answer Key Binder and Stickers

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Epiphany: Answer Key Binder and Stickers

Do you ever have an idea that you are so excited about until you realize that you should have thought of it years ago? Last year, this idea was an answer key binder that I blogged about here.

This year, I'm continuing my answer key binder because I now can't imagine teaching without one! But, my new discovery is related to stickers.

I use SBG, and I put a sticker on the quizzes of students who earn a perfect score (4) on their first attempt. I have always stored these stickers in my desk. I often have to dig around for a while in my desk to find my stickers when I need them.

This fix is so easy, I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it sooner. I can keep my stickers in the front pocket of my answer key binder! Now I always have stickers when I'm grading. And, I've spent so much time looking for stickers!


  1. It's the mundane stuff that makes such a big difference :)

  2. I keep my stickers in a large zip lock bag (due to humidity here in Vietnam). I know where the bag is (shelf behind my desk). Easy to find stickers. I use % for grades. Make 85% or better, and you get a sticker. My 8th grade students love them (the stickers are from the US). They peel them off and put them on their binders! Little things!