Math = Love: Perfect Square Puzzle

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Perfect Square Puzzle

Last week, I was browsing twitter and came across a fun puzzle. Place a set of numbers in a row such that adjacent pairs of numbers always sum to a perfect square.

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I decided to create a version for my students to try who finished their 9 weeks test early.

To keep things more manageable, I decided to only use the numbers 1-15 with my students. So, I typed up a set of number cards and a card with the puzzle's instructions.

I laminated the cards, cut them apart, and placed them into the new square shaped snack bags from Wal-mart. I'm not sure how I feel about this new shape of snack bag...

Even though I had typed up the instructions, I found that my students really needed to hear me explain the task aloud for them to grasp what it was asking them to do.

Even though they were quick to claim the puzzle was impossible, some students persevered! 

I have uploaded the file for this activity here.

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