Math = Love: Five Things Friday: Volume 2

Friday, November 3, 2017

Five Things Friday: Volume 2

It's once again Friday. Last week, I decided to start using Friday's blog posts as a chance to share small ideas that are worth sharing but not worthy enough of their own blog post. Here we go again!

1. We recently got a chance at Math Teachers' Circle to play with triangles!

Each group was given a triangle cut from a manila file folder. We were challenged to trace the original triangle then flip the triangle along one edge to create a new triangle.

As we created each new triangle, we colored in the triangles that were reflections of the original triangle. It was very interesting to see our pattern grow! 

2. I received my final teacher of the year perk in the mail: OKC Thunder Tickets! 

One teacher is going to be honored at each Thunder home game as the "Teacher of the Game." I've never been to a Thunder game, so I'm super excited. Some of my husband's students back in Australia were super obsessed with the Thunder. They are going to be jealous!

3. My school got a free subscription to Science News magazine. 

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to incorporate this into my chemistry class yet, but I'm looking forward to getting my students to do more reading about science!

4. My math concepts students are slowly improving their integer skills. 

To aid in this process, we've been tackling an Integer Squares Math puzzle from Developing Mathematical Fluency (affiliate link) at the start of every class period.

5. I decorated my classroom for fall.

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  1. I love these little tidbits you post on Fridays. Please post more about what you do in your math concepts class! I'm so curious about how you teach them!