Math = Love: Five Things Friday: Volume 5

Friday, December 1, 2017

Five Things Friday: Volume 5

Remember that sore throat that I mentioned in my last post? It hasn't gone away. So, I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'm most likely coming down with something. This is not the best timing for this sort of thing. But, I guess there's never really a good time to get sick when you're a teacher.

Here are Five Things worth sharing this Friday.

1. Now that I teach chemistry, I've gained all sorts of new gadgets and stuff in my classroom. My husband is teaching statistics this year, and some of his students came and borrowed a pH meter and some pH strips a few weeks ago to do some data collection for their statistics project. They returned the pH meter and pH strips, and they've been lying in a box on my desk ever since. It's this time of year where I become really bad at putting things up where they belong! I have had at least ten students pick up the pH meter off of my desk and ask what it was. Why aren't they this curious about math?!?

I have last period plan, and as a result I often have students hanging out in my room. One student decided to try out the pH meter this week. He measured the pH of hand sanitizer, dry erase cleaner, and spick and span cleaner.

2. My grant supplies finally arrived! Every year, our local education foundation provides grants to teachers in Drumright. I have been blessed to receive a grant every year I have worked there! This year, I requested jumbo algebra tiles, a class set of fraction tiles, 9 x 12 dry erase boards, 11 x 16 dry erase boards, playing cards, and blank spinners.

3. We had a huge turnout at cookie club this week. We were close to reaching the point where the room was going to be too crowded for students to get anything done. I made chocolate chip cookie bars, and we used Shaun's classroom kettle to set up a hot chocolate station. Of course, my timing wasn't great. It was over 70 degrees on Monday! 

4. My husband and I spent a lovely Thanksgiving day with my dad's family. This was Shaun's second Thanksgiving ever, and it was his first Thanksgiving to feature turkey (or any meat for that matter...)

5. We're currently working on rate of change in Algebra 1. I'm intentionally avoiding using the word "slope" for as long as possible. We did a bunch of practice problems with our dry erase pockets earlier this week. During first period, students had trouble remembering which of the 8 problems they had already completed. So, I made a hole punch accountability card for the rest of my Algebra 1 classes. Groups earned a hole punch after getting each answer verified. My students treated this as a game even though it wasn't meant as one.

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