Math = Love: Five Things Friday: Volume Six

Friday, December 22, 2017

Five Things Friday: Volume Six

It's been a few weeks since I've posted a new volume of "Five Things Friday." Lately, I keep remembering that I should post one on Saturday, but by then it's no longer Friday! These short posts are just a way to chronicle the things I've been up to that don't justify their own blog post. I hope you enjoy this little peek into both my classroom and my life outside of school!

1. My husband and I enjoyed our first professional sporting event together. Monday night, we made the trek to OKC to watch the OKC Thunder take on the Denver Nuggets. As a perk of being a Teacher of the Year Finalist, I was named the "Teacher of the Game." I received two courtside tickets to the game so I could be recognized during one of the timeouts with a plaque and prizes as the Teacher of the Game.

This was the view from our seats. We were in the fourth row back on the floor. See those seats with the Gatorade covers? This is where the Thunder coaches were sitting during the game.

There was a giant OKC Thunder blimp that floated around the stadium. This was very cool to watch! 

These are the goodies I received. There was also an OKC Thunder "Padfolio" and a $75 gift card inside for classroom supplies. 

It was an incredible game to watch. The Thunder untied the game with only 1.74 seconds remaining. 

One more selfie. It turns out that when you show up with your tickets around your neck with lanyards that don't say OKC Thunder, they give you new lanyards! 

Thank you to American Fidelity and the OKC Thunder for an amazing experience!

2. My Math Concepts class has been a struggle to teach this year. The students who need to the most help are the ones same students who are least willing to ask for that help or allow me to help them. We did have a good day during the last week while playing Balloon Pop. The competitive nature of the game kept my students the most engaged I've seen them in quite a while.

3. I made lamingtons! I was inspired to make these after watching them make lamingtons on the first (and last) episode of the Great American Baking Show. When I found out that they were an Australian treat and my husband mentioned liking them, I knew I had to give them a try. They were super yummy, but they are one of the most tedious desserts I've ever made.

4. My school bought phones for every single classroom. Our intercom system has been broken all year, so the office has had no way to contact each classroom. Apparently, each teacher can page the entire school from their classroom now, but I'm too scared to try!

5. I survived semester testing! This is the first year that my school has done semester test exemptions as well as a modified semester test schedule. There were only a few mishaps with students showing up on the wrong day/time. I was shocked, though, at the number of students who chose not to show up at all for semester tests. After typing up a semester test schedule for my own wall, I made copies to share with all of the other high school teachers.

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