Math = Love: Metric Prefix Flashcards and Quiz

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Metric Prefix Flashcards and Quiz

It's Christmas Eve as I write this, so I don't have a lot of time to pull together a post. After church and lunch, my husband and I will be making the drive to see my parents. We'll spend the night and celebrate Christmas with them tomorrow.

Today I just want to share a quick resource I put together earlier in the year for my chemistry students. When I took chemistry in high school, my teacher made us memorize the metric prefixes and what power of ten they stood for. This made life much easier while doing dimensional analysis problem after dimensional analysis problem.

I do give my students a metric prefix chart to keep in their notebooks, but I don't want my students to have to reference it every single time we try to convert kilograms to milligrams. So, I decided to type up a set of flashcards to help my students memorize the prefixes.

I printed these double sided on green card stock for durability. I let my chemistry students make their own flashcards earlier in the year for memorizing the symbols of the first 36 elements, and they wasted so much paper making their own. So, I decided it was best to just type up a set that they could cut out.

Interested in the file? I have uploaded it here if you want to download a copy.

By following the same link above, you can also find a copy of the metric prefix quiz I gave my students.

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