Math = Love: Cover the Camel Puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 3

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cover the Camel Puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 3

A new week of school means it is time for a new puzzle for the puzzle table. Last week, my students attempted to Cover the Duck.

If you tried last week's puzzle with your students, you are in for an extra treat. This week's puzzle, Cover the Camel, uses the EXACT same pieces! You will only need to print out a new puzzle board with the camel shape instead of the duck shape.

This puzzle, like last week's, is by Tanya Grabarchuk and can be found in Puzzle Box, Volume 3 (affiliate link). If you can't tell by now, I ADORE this series of puzzle books.

The goal of the puzzle is to cover the entire shape with the five pieces. Pieces can be rotated or flipped, but you may not overlap the pieces.

This puzzle is a pretty quick solve compared to some of the puzzles that I've featured on the puzzle table in the past. It might even be advisable to put out the Cover the Duck puzzle and the Cover the Camel puzzle at the same time. 

If you do decide to put them out at the same time, I'd definitely recommend using two different colors of pieces to keep them separated. You can download the files for this activity here. (Remember, it uses the same puzzle pieces as the Cover the Duck puzzle!) 

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