Math = Love: Cover the Duck Puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 3

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cover the Duck Puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 3

This week's puzzle on the puzzle table is a duck-themed shape fitting puzzle that I am calling "Cover the Duck." I didn't really plan it this way, but this is the second week in a row where the puzzle table featured a duck-themed puzzle. Last week, my students tackled a puzzled called Ducks and Snakes.

This puzzle is by Tanya Grabarchuk and can be found in Puzzle Box, Volume 3 (affiliate link).

I'm fully convinced that I could do a puzzle table for an entire year using only puzzles from this book and still not run out of great puzzles. These puzzle books (volumes 1-3) are just that great!

Students are given a puzzle board which features an outline of a shape that is reminiscent of a duck. 

They are also given five pieces. These puzzle pieces can be flipped and rotated to form the duck shape, but they cannot be overlapped. The pieces are tetrominoes. You may recognize their shapes from the game of Tetris.

This is a much easier puzzle compared to some of the puzzles I've featured on the puzzle table in past weeks. At least one student has solved it in one setting. Other students are still puzzling on how to solve this puzzle.

You can download the files for this puzzle here. Both the puzzle board and the puzzle pieces are designed to print on letter sized paper.

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