Math = Love: Double Letters Puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 2

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Double Letters Puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 2

Usually, my puzzle table features a math-y puzzle of sorts. This week is different. I've chosen a word/letter-based puzzle from Puzzle Box, Volume 2 (affiliate link). I've posted plenty of puzzles on my blog from Volume 1 and Volume 3, so I decided it was finally time to show Volume 2 some love!

Don't worry, there is still some mathematical reasoning hid in this puzzle!

You are given nine cards. Each card features a different set of double letters. Your goal is to arrange the nine cards in a line so that a 10-letter word is formed. Card can (and must) overlap each other. But, you cannot fully cover, rotate, or flip any of the cards.

Here's an example of how the letters should be arranged. Keep in mind, the word you will be creating is MUCH longer!

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If you figure out this puzzle, please don't post any spoilers! 

I've uploaded the file I created for my puzzle table here

These puzzles were created by Serhiy Grabarchuk. I found out while doing some googling as I wrote this post that these puzzles are actually known as "DoubLetters" puzzles. Serhiy published another one of his DoubLetters puzzles on in February of 2012. You can download a PDF of that puzzle here.

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