Math = Love: Double Letters and Cover the Shape Puzzles

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Double Letters and Cover the Shape Puzzles

This whole potential strike business and the frustration of not knowing if I will be teaching next week or marching around the capitol building has left me extremely exhausted. As a result, my motivation to get blog posts written has almost disappeared. This is especially sad because I've been trying out several new activities this week that deserve to be blogged about!

Let's start with some puzzle table adventures of late. This week, I chose another cover the shape type puzzle this week because those always seem to be popular with my students. Last week (the week before Spring Break), I put out a double letters puzzle, and my students haven't seemed to want to even try that type of puzzle. I think that their lack of success with the last double letters puzzle (which many of them did try) led to their lack of any interest in this subsequent puzzle.

I've uploaded the file for this NEW double letters puzzle here.

I'm wondering if I put these puzzles on the board with magnets like Lisa Richardson (be sure to check out her blog here!) if my students might feel more inclined to try the double letter puzzles.

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If you've been following along with my puzzle table adventures, you'll be happy to know that this week's puzzle uses the same pieces as Cover the Duck, Cover the Camel, and Cover the Heart.

I couldn't figure out a clever name for this week's puzzle, so it's got the so-exciting name of "Cover the Shape." I'm open to changing the title if you've got any great ideas!

The goal of the puzzle is to use the five puzzle pieces to perfectly cover the puzzle board. I had several students solve this puzzle in a few minutes on their first try. But, there were also plenty of incorrect solutions left behind by students who didn't finish as well. You can download the file for this puzzle here.

These puzzles are from (affiliate links) Puzzle Box Volume 2 (Double Letters Puzzle) and Puzzle Box Volume 3 (Cover the Shape). I cannot recommend this series of puzzle books enough for classroom teachers. Every time I flip through one of these books, I end up bookmarking ten more things I want to create for my students!


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