Math = Love: No Tissue Is No Longer An Issue!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

No Tissue Is No Longer An Issue!

I don't blog about it very often, but I have been the student council advisor at my high school for the past six years. This year, with the terrible cold and flu season and the already-started allergy season, my student council students decided to hold a bake sale to purchase boxes of Kleenex for every single classroom.

This resulted in me dragging my husband to Walmart last week on a mission of buying Kleenex and only Kleenex. 51 boxes of Kleenex. In our combined middle school/high school, we have 17 different classrooms, so this worked out to 3 boxes/classroom.

I thought this would be a relatively simple shopping trip. I had planned on filling our cart with the Kleenex multi-packs that feature 3 or 4 boxes bundled together. There were a grand total of 3 multi-packs on the shelf. This meant that we had to fill the rest of our cart with individual boxes. As we were filling up our cart, one of our school board members stopped to say hi when she saw us. Then, she saw our cart. The conversation went a little like this: "How are you guys? Oh, I see you need a lot of toilet paper." I quickly explained that we were purchasing it for a student council project. Then, she insisted on taking a photo of us so that we could remember this shopping trip forever.

Before we got away from the Kleenex aisle, we started getting questions from another shopper. This lady had assumed that we were store employees who were taking the Kleenex off the shelf because Walmart was no longer going to be selling it.

Luckily, the cashier didn't blink an eye when we she saw our purchase. We made a comment about getting weird looks, and she said that we actually weren't here weirdest purchase of the day. Earlier, a lady came through her checkout line with an entire cart full of children's underwear. It turned out that the underwear was on clearance for $1/package, and she was going to send it to Haiti.

One of my student council kids came up with the slogan "No Tissue Is No Longer An Issue!"

I typed up the slogan with a little message at the top that says that DHS Student Council is behind the project, and I printed them 2 to a page. After grabbing some colorful paper and spending a short amount of time at the paper chopper, we assembled the tissue boxes in stacks of three and taped a sign to each one.

Here's a shot of almost all of the tissues waiting to be delivered.

Shout out to my student council kids for coming up with a creative way to serve our school!

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