Math = Love: Five Things Friday: Volume 16

Friday, April 27, 2018

Five Things Friday: Volume 16

It is FINALLY Friday. This is important because the last two days have felt like they should be Fridays, but they sadly weren't! To celebrate the end of the week and the fact that I only have 12 more days of school this year, here are five things I've been up to lately!

1. I finally got the chance to use my new baguette pan (affiliate link) I purchased a few weeks ago at a thrift store! I tried my hand at making French bread for the first time. The bread was super-tasty, but I could definitely work on making the end product prettier!

2. We've been enjoying the Cover Me puzzles from MathsPad as warm-ups in my Math Concepts class. If you don't have a Mathspad subscription, you can still access the Addition, Multiplication, Multiplying Terms, and Exact Trig Values puzzles for free.

3. I had to un-decorate my room for the ACT test, so all of my posters have returned to their summer homes in pouches that are each labeled and stored alphabetically in a file cabinet until I re-decorate my room in August. Each year, I go through my drawer of posters and pull out the ones that best fit the classes I'm teaching that year. Organization makes my heart happy.  

4. One of my students was so distraught that her friend was absent one day that she created a replacement for him from a hoodie and balloon. She even went as far as putting his name on their group project!

5. I got to give the Simplifying Radicals Dry Erase Work Mats I created last year another spin. We used them to structure our working as we competed in pairs to play Surds Connect 4 from JustMaths.

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  1. Thank you for the constant source of inspiration!