Math = Love: Mixed Emotions Puzzle from The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mixed Emotions Puzzle from The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers

I'm not sure what it is about this week's puzzle table selection, but it's been much more popular than the last few puzzles combined! Maybe it's the bright yellow paper or emojis that catch the eyes of students... Whatever it is, I'm excited to see students gathered around the puzzle table!

The goal of this week's puzzle is to place four pieces onto the 5 x 5 grid so that no two facial expressions are repeated in any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. You can rotate pieces, but you may not overlap them or flip them over.

One thing I LOVE about this puzzle is that at first there doesn't seem to be that many different ways to arrange the four pieces on the grid until you start thinking about how many ways each piece can be rotated! This makes lots of combinations to check!

Several groups of students ended up solving this puzzle yesterday on the first day it was out!

This puzzle is from one of my newer puzzle book purchases. Yes, I may have a slight addiction to purchasing puzzle books for my classroom. I may or may not have bought four more puzzle books a few weekends ago at a thrift store!

The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers (affiliate link) is an awesome puzzle collection that features 567 different puzzles from The Grabarchuk Family. I ordered a used copy from Amazon for $5.83 with free shipping, so that works out to just over 1 cent per puzzle. Super bargain!

Not sure if the puzzles in this book are for you? You can look at quite a few of the puzzles by clicking the "Surprise Me" button inside Amazon's Look Inside Feature!

Interested in the file for this puzzle? I've uploaded it here.

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  1. When I select here to get the puzzle, I am unable to download it. Is there something I need to do?