Math = Love: Five Things Friday: Volume 17

Friday, May 4, 2018

Five Things Friday: Volume 17

It's the next-to-last Friday of the school year! Things are winding down as the number of activities and reasons students have to miss class for various field trips, banquets, etc. increases. I did my last notebook check of the year today. And, I'm preparing to print semester tests.

As I often do on Fridays, here's a peek at five things I've been up to lately that aren't noteworthy enough to warrant their own blog post.

1. My students took on the 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge yesterday after finishing their last Algebra 1 quiz of the year. This challenge is based off of a puzzle posted by NPR in 2016. It's a fun way to sneak in some always-needed order of operations review! 

2. I added two new books to my summer reading pile. I'm looking forward to reading Heart! and Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching High School (affiliate links). I will try to remember to post a review of the books once I finish them.

3. A few months ago, my husband and I picked up a Kono and Alquerque game set (affiliate link) at a thrift store for $2. I had never heard of the games, but  We finally pulled it out last weekend and played a game of Kono. I definitely see some potential for playing this in the classroom, but I'd definitely make my own set of boards using cardstock and use bingo chips as game pieces. We haven't tried our hand at Alquerque yet. Maybe this weekend...

4. I found one of my Izzi cards (affiliate link) torn in half and thrown behind a bunch of boxes. This makes me sad. I've taped it back together, but it's never going to be the same. I guess this means I'm on the look-out for a new Izzi set this summer.

5. I'm super excited about this vintage puzzle called It's Knot Easy that my husband found at a garage sale for only $1. A used copy is $10 on Amazon (affiliate link), so I'm excited about this bargain.

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  1. If you find that bingo chips are too small for your kids' hands, I've found that these wooden disk work well. I colored one side with black permanet marker. They've stood up well to a year with second graders.