Math = Love: Absolute Value Graphs and Inequalities Interactive Notebook Pages - Algebra 1

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Absolute Value Graphs and Inequalities Interactive Notebook Pages - Algebra 1

My quest to get caught up on posting INB pages for Algebra 1 for last year continues. Today, I present to you my unit on Absolute Value Graphs and Inequalities. I'm almost hesitant to post this unit because it features little to no changes from last year's Absolute Value unit.

The unit started off with a divider. You can read more about these dividers here.

This unit featured only three skills. It was nice to have a short unit because the previous unit (linear graphs and inequalities) took FOREVER. 

We began by using an x/y table to plot absolute value relations. After we plotted the graph, we identified the slopes, vertex, and orientation.

My goal for this was to have students try and make predictions about what the slopes/vertex/orientation would be based solely on the equation/inequality and the previous results. 

My students were able to figure out pretty quickly how to tell if the graph opened up or down. It also only took a few examples for them to figure out how to find the vertex of the graph. What they really, really, really struggled with was figuring out which way to shade on the inequality based solely on the equation.

Next, we switched things up a bit. Instead of asking them to produce the absolute value graph, I provided them the graph and asked for the equation/inequality and the slopes/vertex/orientation. 

I had students work through this on their own or with partners (their choice) and check their work with Desmos along the way. It was a beautiful lesson to watch them make the connections we had started making with the previous lesson. 

 We closed out this short unit by looking at transformations of absolute value relations. I gave students two absolute value relations. The students had to identify what transformations were required to go from the first relation to the second relation.

I have uploaded the files for this unit here

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