Math = Love: Systems of Equations and Inequalities INB Pages - Algebra 1

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Systems of Equations and Inequalities INB Pages - Algebra 1

I just realized that I haven't posted any more INB pages since February! Since I'm not teaching Algebra 1 next year, I've decided I need to try and finish up all of the Algebra 1 posts sitting in my drafts folders before I delve into the world of Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc in a couple of months.

This interactive notebook unit covered both systems of equations and inequalities. We started with a divider just as we do with every other unit. You can learn more about the dividers I use here.

There were only four skills covered in this unit. SY1-SY3 covered systems of equations. SY4 covered systems of inequalities.

We began our unit on systems by looking at solving systems by graphing.

In the future, I think I would want to modify these notes to have a specific box for students to write the ordered pair of the solution in.

Next, we addressed solving systems of equations by both substitution and elimination. Last year, I had these as a single skill of solving systems of equations algebraically. As a result, most students chose the method that they preferred and used that method every single time. This meant that I had a lot of students that became really good at solving by elimination but were rubbish at solving by substitution.

This year, I decided to make separate skills for solving by substitution and solving by elimination.

Each method of solving had its own graphic organizer which spelled out the steps.

Here's a closer look at the word problems we tackled for substitution.

And, now the same for elimination. By far, students definitely preferred elimination over substitution.

Addressing systems of inequalities let us spend some quality time coloring!

I found that having my students use two different colors (one for each inequality) helped them find the overlapping area.

Files for this unit have been uploaded here.

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