Math = Love: Five Things (Not Friday): Volume 21

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Five Things (Not Friday): Volume 21

I got the "Welcome Back!" letter in my inbox recently with all the important professional development dates, and I started setting up my new classroom this week. So, it's really starting to sink in that I'm about to start my new job!

Here's a small peek at five things I've been up to lately.

1. Classroom progress pictures! So far, I'm just hanging posters I have made in the past. I've made a bunch of new posters, but they need to be printed on 11 x 17 card stock. I'm so new at my school that I don't even know where the copy machine is. I mean, I know where it was ten years ago when I was a student there, but things change. I'm a bit scared to just go opening random doors, but I guess I will have to figure this out at some point. Also on my list of things to figure out: where in the world is the teacher's lounge? I have New Teacher Orientation on the 10th (so soon...eek!), so I'm guessing I will have a lot of my questions answered then.

SOH CAH TOA Posters | Includes/Excludes Posters

Pythagorean Triple Posters

Mistakes are... | Keep Calm and Combine Like Terms | N/O and O/K | Left and Right
A math room isn't complete (in my opinion) without a number line! 

Printable Horizontal Number Line | Positive and Negative Infinity Posters

Order of Operations Posters

My order of operations posters took a bit of a beating last year thanks to students' backpacks, so I really need to reprint A and S. But, I went ahead and hung the old ones up in case I don't get to that item on my to do list for a while. 

Math-y Welcome Banner
It's nowhere near done, but it looks like a room that I could teach class in tomorrow if I had to! 

2. Friday, I got to see Chris Shore present "Reaching and Teaching "Those Kids."" It was very thought-provoking, and I really enjoyed watching Chris execute his well thought-out teacher moves.

Chris equipped us with lots of different strategies for engaging every student every class period.

I was super-excited to get to see Clothesline Math in action!

I'll definitely be looking for ways to incorporate the clothesline into my Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc classroom! I also love the 4 digit problem. The task: make the numbers between 1-100 using exactly 4 eights and any exponent of your choosing (except 8).

3. I spent some quality time recently updating my teacher planner with some new calendar pages. Special shout-out to my husband for designing an excel file to automatically generate these pages!

Last year, it took a bit of adjusting to get used to a vertical layout. But, I discovered I LOVE it!

4. I found a bunch of safe-t compasses (affiliate link) at a garage sale. I'm super excited to use these in my classroom this year. Then, when I was cleaning out my cabinets of my new classroom, I found some giant demonstration sized safe-t compasses. I'm thinking these will come in handy teaching pre-calc!

5. My wooden cubes came in the mail! I've got big plans for these 100 one inch cubes (affiliate link)! I found at least three different puzzles online made of cubes that I will be making for my puzzle table! Now, I just have to find some time to paint them. I can't wait to share these ideas on the blog as I get them made and introduce them to my students!


  1. Sarah, I love that you are now teaching Algebra 2 and Pre-Cal. I always look at your beginning of the year wall posters to see what I want to borrow and I see I have borrowed quite a few! lol

    When you feel uninspired, just know that your blog is the very first place I look when I need a new idea or perspective. Keep up the great work - you inspire so many of us.

  2. Interested to see what puzzles you use the cubes for. I have about 35 5in wooden cubes that I have no idea what to do with. Thank you for sharing, great post!

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