Math = Love: January 2020

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Symmetric Square Puzzle

Today I finally got around to taking down the last puzzle we tackled before Christmas Break. It is always my aim to switch out my puzzles on a weekly basis, but sometimes the hectic nature of the classroom prevails. This was a reminder that I haven't shared this puzzle here on the blog yet.

This Symmetric Square puzzle is from Robert Allen's Mensa All-Color Puzzle Book (affiliate link).  It's an okay puzzle book for personal puzzling, but I struggled to find enough puzzles with classroom applications to really recommend it for teachers to purchase.

Students are given ten tiles which must be arranged in such a way that a square is formed in which each horizontal line matches up with a vertical line. You should notice quite quickly that this partial attempted solution does not work.

Only a day after I tweeted a picture of the puzzle on my dry erase board, Tracy Esposito was sending me pictures of student reflections after having her year 6 class tackle this puzzle. How awesome is that?!?

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Want to try the puzzle out yourself? I have uploaded the files here.