Math = Love: Free Classroom Posters

Free Classroom Posters

I've created this special page on my blog to house all of the posters I have created for my classroom over the past few years.  I have made them free for you to download and use in your own classroom as a way to say thank you to the thousands of people I've stolen teaching ideas from on the internet.  For each poster, I have tried to provide a PDF copy and an editable copy.  The PDF copy preserves my font choices, but you cannot edit it.  If you download the editable copy, the fonts will change unless you have fonts I used installed on your computer.  Almost all of the fonts I use can be downloaded from Font Squirrel.  

I teach high school math, but teachers of other subjects and grade levels should be able to find some useful posters as well for their classrooms.  

The majority of these posters are made to print on letter sized paper.  I often print these on colored cardstock and laminate for extra durability.  This lets me reuse the same posters from year to year.  Though, if you look at my classroom pictures, you will realize that nothing tends to stay in the same spot.  And, plenty of other posters get rotated in and out.  

I've tried to include pictures of these posters in my classroom, but if you want to see my classroom as a whole I will share those links, too.  

2015-2016 Classroom Pictures (sadly missing!)
2016-2017 Classroom Pictures (coming soon!)

Want to just go straight to all of the files at once?  Click here. 

There are a ton of pictures on this page, so please be patient while it loads.

Order of Operations Posters [Blog Post]

Special Right Triangle Posters [Blog Post]

Red/Yellow/Green Team Cups Posters [Blog Post]

Growth Mindset Mistakes Posters [Blog Post]

Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and corrected. 

Perfect Squares and Perfect Cubes Posters [Blog Post]

Pythagorean Triple Posters [Blog Post]

Printable Parts of the Coordinate Plane Labels/Magnets [Blog Post]

Vertical Number Line Poster [Blog Post]

SOHCAHTOA Posters [Blog Post]

Left and Right Posters [Blog Post]

Classroom Name Sign [Blog Post]

Math-y Welcome Banner Posters [Blog Post]

Grouping Symbols Poster [Blog Post]

Super Power Poster [Blog Post]

We learn math.  What's your super power? 

Perfect Score First Try Poster [Blog Post]

Petals Around the Rose Poster [Blog Post]

Convince Me Posters [Blog Post]

HOYVUX Posters [Blog Post]

Killing Cats Poster [Blog Post]

Harry Potter Quote Poster [Blog Post]

Edmund Hillary Quote Poster - People do not decide to become extraordinary.  They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. 

 Edmund Hillary Quote Poster: It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. 
Paul Halmos Poster: The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.
 William Paul Thurston Poster: Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.
 Greek Alphabet Poster Set

Read where I blogged about this poster set here.

Class and Group Work Norms Poster Set

Read about where I blogged about this poster set here.

Classroom Rules Poster Set

I blogged about these posters here.

Set of 14 Free Quote Posters (All in one file!)

I blogged about these quote posters here.

Algebra Aerobics Stick Figures - Not my creation.  I have linked to the site to download them for free, however. Blog post here.

Weekly Schedule Posters

Read more about my weekly schedule here.

Group Work Roles Posters

Read about these roles more here.

Bell Posters - The teacher does not start the class.  The bell does not start the class.  You start the class!  The bell does not dismiss the class.  You do not dismiss the class.  The teacher dismisses the class!

Read more about these posters here.

Please and Thank You Posters

Read more about why I hung these words on the wall here.

YET Poster (1 page and 3 page versions available!)

Why YET?  Look here.

Sentence Starter Posters

More about sentence starters here.

Quote Poster: Fast learning is not always the best and deepest. 

More about these posters here.

Praise Process Poster

 Order of Operations PEMDAS Posters

Learn more here.

 When you enter this classroom... 

Read more here.

Recycling Poster: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Paper Only!)

How to Learn Math SBG Posters (Can actually be used for any subject.)

More details here.

 Grading Scale Posters: A, B, Not Yet

Change Your Words - Change Your Mindset Bulletin Board Poster Set

More details here.

Problem Solving Strategies Poster Set

More details here.

Teacher of Awesome Sign

 Clock Arrows

No Food or Drink Allowed. (Bottled water only!)

Sign with Room Number (Could edit with your name.) 

Please throw away all food and drinks in the hall trash can. Thank you! 

 What Zone Are You In? Poster Panic Zone - Learning Zone - or Comfort Zone?

More details here.

WWSDS? What Would Slope Dude Say? Posters

More details here.

Math Posters - Not my creation, but I still want to share a link to download!

Classroom Rules Posters: Work Hard and Be Respectful

Word Wall Posters (File has more than is shown in the picture, but is incomplete in relation to the course.)

More info on word walls.

Integer Operations Poster Set

More details here.

Bernard Baruch Quote Poster: Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.

Dean Schlicter Quote Poster: Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

Bertrand Russell Quote Poster: Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.

William Betz Quote Poster: The symbolism of algebra is its glory.  But it also is its curse. 

Albert Einstein Quote Poster: Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. 

Emerson Quote Poster: Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 

Roger Bacon Quote Poster: Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences. 

Pythagoras Quote Poster: Number rules the universe. 

Truth Signs Poster Set

More info here.

Wall of Pride Bulletin Board Description and Coming Soon Poster

More info here.

Absent? Look Here! Sign

Star Student Description Poster 

Calculator Warning Poster

Perfect Score First Try Poster

6 P's Poster Set: Be polite, prepared, prompt, productive, positive, and participate!

Prime Number Banner Poster

More details.

Math = Love Poster

Digits of Pi Posters

More details.

While You Were Out Poster


  1. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all of these!

    1. You're very welcome, Nina! Hope you're able to find something to use!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the bulletin board with titles "Math makes wonders" and "Live. Math. Love" but the link does not work. Do you happen to have a link that works or the posters themselves?

    1. Corrected link:

  4. I am so excited to make use of your signs!!! I was feeling like what I had saved from my teaching (pre-children of my own) was so outdated and old looking!!! Thank you for sharing and saving me so much time!!!

  5. Unreal! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. You're welcome! You're welcome! You're welcome! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I want all of these! Why do I not have enough wall space for all of these??

    1. Yes! We just need to invent classrooms with infinite wall space!

  7. Where were you 25 years ago? Or someone like you? I taught and homeschooled and it was when there was nothing available in our cattle country area. I would put up school stuff still if I could justify it! An old-time teacher who still loves it!

  8. Thank you for sharing all of these mam Hagan

    1. I just noticed that the Perfect Squares poster for 9 has 12 squares on it! Just wanted to let you know! I love all of your stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    2. And that's why they look like rectangles. Great discussion right there!

  9. Thank you so much. I've been wanting to improve the signage in my classroom for years. I'm pretty critical when people make signs (bad fonts, poor spacing) but yours are really top-notch. Thanks again!

  10. This makes decorating my classroom so much easier! Thank you!

  11. I do not get the clock arrows. Please explain! Thanks for all you do.

  12. I. Love. This. ALL OF THIS.

  13. Thank you for sharing these ideas. We love them in our school.

    Melbourne, Australia

  14. Thank you for being generous and allowing us access to your hard work!

  15. Very nice Posters, thank you. But isnt it a Little bit too much stuff for the students? It might distract your pupils, what is your opinion about this thought?

  16. These are so great. I am going to use some this year in my classroom. Thank you for making my job easier!! Thank you for sharing them and allowing us to download and use your AWESOME ideas.

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  18. I am a first year teacher and I have printed just about every resource from this page I think!!!! My FAVORITE is the welcome sign written with graphs. I have it above my whiteboard and it makes me so excited for my students to come into class and see it. Thanks for everything, much appreciated!

  19. This is my second year teaching HS math- 1st year teaching all day math at 4 different special ed. levels. These resources are the point it's 8:55 pm on a stormy Saturday and I almost want to make the five minute drive to my class to print them all out and hang them tonight. THANK YOU

  20. Since I've received so much help from you, I think that I should share how I have altered what I call the tower of operations. The left side has the word expressions spelled out from top to bottom, and the word equations spelled out from bottom to top. This really helped my algebra I students understand the basic principles/differences between simplifying an expression, and solving an equation. Here's my link:

    Thanks for all you've done for math teachers everywhere!
    - Peter Hemingway

  21. Hello Sarah!

    Thank you for sharing all that you do in your classroom with all of us other teachers! Your blog is a one-stop resource, and so very helpful. I truly appreciate your hard work, and dedication to "teaching awesome"!

    Have a great school year,


  22. Holy cow, these are great! Thank you!

  23. Where do you get the various fonts?
    Thank you for sharing!

  24. To add to the "Math Signs" -> "-" Minus, Negative, Opposite

  25. These are the best examples of educational posters. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us. As a teacher, sometimes I find it hard to make decisions on what to put in my classroom. I teach middle school, but some of the posters I can use. I love the growth mindset one and will definitely use that one. Thanks agaain

  27. Thank you so much for sharing all of these phenomenal resources

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