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Game Reviews

Absolute Zero Card Game

This simple-to-learn card game is based around the idea that "the first one with nothing wins!" While most games are only appropriate for a very specific age group, this game includes versions that appropriate for students as young as kindergarten and as old as high school. My husband and I even enjoyed a few rounds, so this game is truly appropriate for all ages. When I introduced this game to my students, one girl commented that this game was an "okay game for a MATH game." The next day, she insisted on playing the game again, so I declare this game to be a winner! Check out the full review here.

Brick Logic

This brain teaser from ThinkFun features 60 challenges that will stretch your brain. As a teacher, I LOVE that this game only involves 5 small pieces which fit conveniently in a small bag with the ring of challenge cards. When the bell rings unexpectedly, it is easy for students to put the game away without losing any of the pieces! To enjoy these challenges, you definitely need to have a growth mindset. I found out that the puzzles were much harder than I was expecting when I struggled to solve the first puzzle in a quick manner. Check out the full review here.

Shape Logic

Shape Logic is another small brain teaser that conveniently fits in a small bag with the provided challenge cards. This time, you are given identical sets of blue and green shapes. Each challenge card assigns you a set of blue pieces and green pieces to use. Your task is to make two identical shapes using the two colors of pieces. The challenges progress from only requiring two pieces to very challenging puzzles involving four pieces. This is a bit more involved and challenging than Brick Logic, but it lends itself to lots of trial and error. Check out the full review here.

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