Math = Love: INBs


Start Here: 

Example Interactive Notebook Pages:

List coming soon.  For now, visit this pinterest board of every single notebook page I've posted. 

Downloadable Resources to Get You Started: 


  1. Hi Sarah. How do you have your kids set up the INBs in the beginning? What do you do to get everyone started at the beginning of the year? Do you spend a day numbering pages, etc? Do you have a blog post on this? I'm going into my 2nd year with INBs but starting with a new curriculum that is actually pretty good so I'm having to refine my process. Your blog has been so helpful so far, thank you for everything!

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  3. Hi Sarah! Do you have a place where you sell your templates? I love your solving inequalites INB pages!

  4. Do you have your z-score practice and example INB's on this site anywhere? I love them.