Math = Love: My Favorite Free Fonts

My Favorite Free Fonts

If you spend much time around my blog, you'll see lots of posters and foldables full of fun, cute fonts.  I'll admit it.  I'm obsessed with fonts.  

My favorite source for downloading free fonts is Font Squirrel.  While there are a ton of great free font sites out there on the internet, the thing that sets Font Squirrel apart is that all of the fonts there are able to be used for commercial purposes.  As someone who regularly posts the things I create on my blog, I want to make sure I'm not accidentally breaking the rules by using a font.  I'm not entirely sure if what I'm doing can still be classified as personal use, even though I'm not selling any of my files.  By using fonts that can be used commercially, I know I'm safe.  :)  

I took a look through my files to figure out which fonts are my favorites.  All of these fonts can be found on Font Squirrel.  Enjoy font hunting!   

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