Math = Love: Physical Science/Chemistry

Physical Science/Chemistry

Building Covalent Compounds with Pipe Cleaners and Pony Beads

How Big is the Nucleus of an Atom?

Black Box Activity

Metric Prefix Flashcards and Quiz

Chromaflies - Chromatography Butterflies Bulletin Board

Elements of the Periodic Table Quiz Generator

Element Bingo

Substances vs Mixtures Sorting Activity

Free Scientific Method Posters from Scholastic

How Many Elements Can You Name? 

Types of Research Foldable

Branches of Chemistry Foldable

States of Matter Foldable

Matter/Not Matter Card Sort

What is Chemistry? Mind Mapping

SI Base Units Posters

Mysterious Water Suspension

Physical Science Learning from A to Z

Periodic Table of Mistakes Dry Erase Activity

Building Rube Goldberg Machines

Electron Magnets

Illustrating Different Types of Energy

Marble Roller Coasters

Energy Flow Diagrams

Egg Drop Gallery Walk

Create Your Own Momentum Problem

Mole Poster Avogadro's Number

Balancing Chemical Equations Foldable

Types of Chemical Reactions Foldable

Types of Systems Foldable

Glowstick Lab: Impact of Temperature on Reaction Rate

Grams/Moles/Particles Flow Chart

How Many Molecules? Mini-Lab

Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions Basketball Review Game

Diatomic Elements Poster (BrINClHOF)

Classifying Types of Chemical Reactions Card Sort

Exploring Hydrocarbons

How to Read the Periodic Table Poster

Prefixes Poster for Naming Covalent Compounds

Roman Numerals Poster

Electron Dot Diagrams with Stickers

Chemistry Gossip Activity

Paper Plate Bohr Models



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