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Paper-Based Logic Puzzles

Strimko Puzzles 
Tents Puzzles 
Slants Puzzles 
Angle Maze Puzzles 
Zukei Puzzles 
Area Maze Puzzles 
Area Shape Puzzles
Kazu Puzzles
Multiple Cross Puzzles
Multiple Link Puzzles
Mizu Puzzles
Shikaku Puzzles (Version 1)
Shikaku Puzzles (Version 2)
Gemini Puzzles
Doko Eq Puzzles
Zero Puzzles
Step Puzzles
Masyu Puzzles 
KenKen Puzzles
Futoshiki Puzzles
Hashi Puzzles 
Paint by Number Puzzles

Brain Teasers

Follow the Pattern
Petals Around the Rose
Likes and Dislikes
International Math Salute
Proof is in the Pudding
Jumping Frogs


5-4-3-2-1 Challenge 
Four Fours Challenge 
2018 Challenge

Puzzle Table Recaps

Weeks 1 - 6
Weeks 7 - 9
Weeks 10-17

Puzzle Table Ideas

Mixed Emotions Puzzle

Don't Get Stung! Puzzle

Square the Shapes Puzzle

Hidden Equation Puzzle

Egg of Columbus Puzzle

Sum to Twenty Puzzle

Cover the Shape Puzzle

Double Letters Puzzle (ABCDEHORS)

Arrows Puzzle

Double Letters Puzzle (ACEIHMNPZ)

Cover the Heart Puzzle

Silhouettes Puzzle

Four Seasons Puzzle

Maximize the Sum Puzzle

Cover the Camel Puzzle

Cover the Duck Puzzle

North East South West Puzzle

Ducks and Snakes Puzzle

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